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Use Seattle Finds as a guide to get the most out of your visit to Seattle whether you live here, visit regularly, or are here for the very first time. There is so much to discover you can create a unique experience every time you come into the city.

a short excursion or journey for pleasure.”her little jaunt in Seattle was exhilarating”

Seattle Jaunts are typically 2-4 hour explorations around the city. If you aren’t sure where to start your own Seattle explorations then go Jaunting! I choose my Jaunts based on something I want to go find. A place, an event, a product, business or anything else that captures my attention. Then I explore the area around that one thing. You can follow my Jaunt exactly or use it as a guide and branch off to see what you find on your own.  Combine multiple Seattle Jaunts or spend more time in each place to make a full day of it. If you find something that really knocks your socks off; let me know! Leave your own Finds in the comments section.

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Pinterest. Boards are organized by Seattle neighborhoods and filled with all kinds of things. Pick a few and Go Find them!

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Get inspired.

Find books, movies, and musicians based in Seattle. Great guide books and local Seattle products are listed here too. When making a  purchase for yourself please use one of the links on this site.(once the links are set up, organic process, remember?) Seattle Finds will receive a small percentage of some of these purchases and you will make it possible for this site to remain free for everyone to use.

Support local business. Find links to local tour companies, free things to do and other Seattle websites that I have found useful for getting more intimate with the Emerald City.

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I started Seattle Finds because I have a blast Jaunting through Seattle, showing people around, and sharing what I find with others. Researching things to do, making lists and organizing things is a bit of an obsession. Use my obsession to your advantage and contact me if you have questions.

This site is a work in progress so keep checking back!